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Corporate English

Duration: 3 months per course module
36 hours or study + a 1.5 hour exam
25 meetings (2 meetings / week)

Class size: 8-12 learners per class


This course is designed to teach learners to communicate effectively in English in professional contexts. Learners will expand their English vocabulary, improve learners’ ability to write and speak in English in both social and professional interactions, and learn terminology and skills that learners can apply to business negotiations, telephone conversations, written reports and emails, and professional presentations.
  • To ease learners’ anxieties about using English as a mode of communication (written or oral).
  • To develop an understanding that communication is a two-way process in which the listener evaluates the effectiveness of the speaker.
  • To improve skills in speaking, listening, writing, organising, and adapting to English materials needed in a professional environment.



Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Define the concepts of an active user of English language instead of just passive user
  • Speak English with more confident, using effective structure and vocabulary apt to the context of the topic.
  • Write English effectively such as emails, business letter, memo using proper structure and grammar.
  • Organise ideas, opinions, facts, data requests into an effective message that will produce the anticipated response.
  • Prepare and present a variety of presentation types such as information and persuasion.
  • Integrate proper English grammar, structure and vocabulary to implementation of professional use of English at work (telephone conversation, email, presentation).
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of peers’ ability in delivering proper English.
  • Distinguish between effective and non-effective English communication by implementing criteria from the lesson given during the course.

An integral component of the course is that learners will:

  • Be encouraged to use English during the course session and also expected to use it most of the time outside the course session.
  • Be motivated to engage into class discussion using many case studies with relevant topics in business world.


The lesson will use Market Leader by Pearson Business English Coursebooks. The topics will range from Careers, Companies, AP, Stress at Work, Selling, Communication, and all the way to Managing People and Products/Brands with comprehensive case study at the end of each chapter. The levels are adjusted to 5 categories:


1. Advanced
Learners at this level are able to communicate and write with native-like proficiency.


2. Upper-Intermediate
Learners at this level are able to understand and communicate academic content in more cognitively complex ways.


3. Intermediate
Learners at the intermediate language level are able to understand and communicate academic content with more sophisticated vocabulary and varied verb tenses.


4. Pre-intermediate
At this level, learners are able to communicate basic and familiar ideas with simple sentences.


5. Beginner
Learners at this level may begin in a “silent stage” where they are unable to understand or produce English independently.



Classroom material is presented in the form of lectures, group and pair work as well as practical activities and exercises through which students will learn to understand the fundamentals of English usage in a work environment.
Employing a holistic style of teaching utilising real life situations and learning where students are encouraged to call upon their real life experiences.



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