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Step Up is the first modern LEARNING HUB, aimed to improve learner’s academic competencies to meet the international standards delivered by accredited professionals in a personalised, fun and interactive way.

We believe that today’s generation of learners grow up with the emerging technologies at their fingertips that has blurred the lines of work and social, of study and entertainment. They tend to thrive when they are given the opportunity. At Step Up, we bring a fully immersive learning experience to life by providing a one-stop place where they can study comfortably, express their own creativity independently, and listen to each other.

Step Up Learning Hub is a member of Sampoerna School System, which has put forth an integrated education platform for the future of young generations in Indonesia. With Sampoerna School System as a foundation, Step Up supports learners who are undergoing formal education (primary to secondary) with a systematic tutorial programmes to enhance their learning abilities, improve grades and get them to ideal universities of choice.

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