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Improve academic performance

A personalised program of instruction, tailored to meet the learners' needs will help them become better learners. They will receive individualised instruction, and coaching needed to help pinpoint the root of any academic problems so that parents and teachers can take action and develop the 'building blocks' needed to progress in their learning.

Positive learning environment

We believe in a Balanced Learning Environment. Distraction-free classrooms and supportive coaches make learners feel welcomed, supported and comfortable. Whilst going through the tutoring sessions, learners will have the privacy of small classrooms, and they will interact with the coaches in an interactive way. On the other end, they will be encouraged to learn in our learning hub with their study buddies, as well as to experience the practical application of subjects they learn on weekends.

Encourage independence and responsibility

We help learners to become independent by allowing and encouraging them to take responsibility for themselves whenever possible. Learners who struggle to keep up in the classroom often feel helpless and stuck, unable to complete tasks on their own. When they receive individualised coaching needed to progress in their learning, over time, they will feel empowered and more comfortable taking ownership of their education.

The Trusted Name in Education

Sampoerna Schools System is Indonesia’s most comprehensive method that provides the best-in-class, internationally-recognised academic programmes from Pre-Kindergarten through to University. With our fully integrated education system and modern technology , each learning stage of a child contributes holistically to his/her academic, social and personal development. This enables them to successfully transition academically and socially from student life, to adult life, and to the demands of a meaningful career.

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